8 Films I Think You Should Check Out In 2015


Why should I check it out?

All the hype has been about Steve Carrell’s (Oscar worthy ) portrayal of the wealthy heir to the family fortune & wrestling fanatic Jon du Pont and what lead to the unlikely circumstances when he enlists the Schultz brothers to join his ‘Team Foxcatcher’. It’s always good to see Carrell do straight but while all the noise might be about him I’m not overlooking Channing Tatum (who seems to go from strength to strength) & Mark Ruffalo (class act in my mind). There’s been some controversy over the biopic with Mark Schultz lambasting director Bennett Miller over the portrayal of events and for me that spice makes it all the more intriguing to see an interpretation compared to what the people of the subject of the film actually say.

Release Date : UK – 08/01/15  US – Already out


Why should I check it out?

An amazing emotional & psychological thriller that leaves the chest pounding and the eyes stinging is what I’ve been told. Even without the above praise I would probably have gone seen this story of talented drummer Andrew (Miles Teller) who desperately seeks the tutelage of Fletcher (JK Simmons) and his journey through hell and back to succeed, purely based on the fact JK Simmons is in a lead role. If you know him you know he has the aura of an Alpha and I think this will play into his acting ability. I’m also interested in seeing how Miles Teller does in a lead role given his position in the (already written off by many) reboot of The Fantastic Four to come.

Release Date : UK – 16/01/15  US – Already out

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Why should I check it out?

Two words: JAMES SPADER. Yes it’s going to be interesting to see what direction Joss Whedon goes in with the characters at hand, and yes I’m sure the action/visual effects will be stunning, but for me (and anyone familiar with the source material) knowing what sort of destruction Ultron can (and will) cause and having James Spader portray him will make seeing this movie worth while. This guy has some serious screen presence in my opinion and I’m glad he’s getting a shot at a mega movie.

Release Date : UK – 24/04/15  US – 01/05/15

Jupiter Ascending

Why should I check it out?

What’s that you say? An ORIGINAL sci-fi movie? Now, approach with caution. While I thought the trailer looked exciting and am glad the Wachowski siblings at the helm (love or hate Cloud Atlas, The Matrix is proof enough), this is a movie that has been put back around 8 months. Some say it was to avoid a clash with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, some seem to say it was for re-shoots and re-editing, and if the latter is true then this maybe the risky pic of the bunch. But I feel my blind faith for sci-fi entertainment will come through with this one, watch this space (with fingers crossed).

Release Date : UK – 06/02/15  US – 06/02/15

Monsters: Dark Continent

Why should I check it out?

To be honest my only reason is the amount of enjoyment I got from the first installment. Original, a big sci-fi idea shot with the budget of an indie, with a nice little ‘almost’ love story thrown in… so go watch it!

Release Date : UK – 27/02/15  US – N/A at this time.

Bond 25 – Spectre

Why should I check it out?

It’s James Bond vs Christopher Waltz, that’s why. Whether Waltz turns out to be Blofeld is another matter, this guy recently can do no wrong. And no, Horrible Bosses Two was not that bad. I’m also looking forward to one of my favorite females (Monica Bellucci) becoming the oldest femme fatale in the Bond series. With Quantum of Solace being a little underwhelming and Skyfall having a rather ‘insular’ feeling about it there are many hoping that it can hit the heights that Casino Royal has promised us it has the potential to do.

Release Date : UK – 23/10/15  US – 06/11/15

Crimson Peak

Why should I check it out?

What do I know about Crimson Peak? Very little actually & it’s not often I look forward to a horror, but I think all can be agreed that Guillermo Del Toro needs to hit a home run & his new Gothic horror might be the way to do that. Looking at the tone of his films I think it will go hand in hand with the story of a recently married author (Mia Wasikowska) moving to the massive crumbling Cumbrian home of her charming husband (Tom Hiddleston) where he and the home are not what they appear to be. Dark secrets & treachery is what he is good at and with hot property Charlie Hunnman as well as Jessica Chastain on board too it has the potential to raise the bar.  I enjoyed Hell Boy 2 & thought Pans Labyrinth was a work of art,  hopefully now he’s had his fun with Pacific Rim he can get back to what made him as a modern gothic stylist we all know he can be.

Release Date : UK – 16/10/15  US – 16/10/15

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Why should I check it out?

Apart from stating the obvious – justice needs to be done thanks to Episodes I, II & III, one of the biggest/most celebrated franchises on the planet with a blank slate going forward – We not only have a new cast going forward, but the original contributing as well, and with JJ Abrams directing and already successful reboot in Star Trek, you can bet those original cast members will be relevant. For all the mocking of Abrams penchant for lens flare sci-fi is his bread and butter. If there’s anyone who can get this franchise back on track, I think it could be this guy.

Release Date : UK – 18/12/15  US – 18/12/15