Top 10 Rated Films of 2015

Below is the subjective list of the top 10 rated films that this blog has seen throughout 2015.

First though some honourable mentions for films that might not have been rated as highly on this list but deserve recognition, they are;

  • John Wick
  • Run All Night
  • The Gift
  • Ex Machina


10 – The Foxcatcher

An interesting biopic about the rise and then toxic relationship relationship wrestling coach and his prodigy that isn’t necessarily known outside of the USA that widely.Excellent acting performances by Carell, Tatum, Ruffalo, not necessary let down by the story telling but I don’t think it was as effective as it could have been. Not a whole lot of bad things to say about the film, but not anything that really grabs me to rave about it either.



9 -Kingsman:The Secret Service

While perhaps aimed at youngsters this is a film that can be enjoyed by all. It’s intentionally clichéd, but it works, this is both a smart and entertaining film that looks good. It’s got a lot of what people love about action movies and with a lot of recognisable faces putting in entertaining performances there is barely a boring moment.  This movie that has raised the bar for the modern throw away action genre and while not perfect should definitely checked out.



8 – The Martian

A return to form for Ridley Scott as well as Matt Damon. It’s a stylish, clever, funny at times survival blockbuster from outer space. It’s well done without being spectacular and the only thing stopping this being a truly great film is the lack of despair and thus missing suspense. Great acting all round that compliments the message that science and intelligence is what can solve disasters, not the cliché’ single act of heroism for a change. Definitely one of the better adaptations.



7 – Ant-Man

A stand alone slice of fun from a franchise that seems to get better and better. As entertaining in its action as it is funny, a typical story told from one of Marvel’s lesser heroes but is no less forgettable. A cast who has good chemistry adds to the enjoyment that can be had here whether adult or child.



6 – Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation

What can now be considered the 2nd best film in the franchise the film is fun action adventure entertainment that will leave you anything but bored. Regular cast put in a good shift but additions of Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris polish the film into one of the best of the year in the espionage genre.



5 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This is an action packed film with a great cast that will meet the expectations of the old Star Wars fans and has enough fun to grasp the new. It looks spectacular and Abrams succeeds at constructing this installment to fill in missing gaps in the Star Wars story as well as leaving the viewer wanting to know more from our new characters. The franchise is well and truly re-energised with this incredibly fun installment.



4 – Sicario

A slow methodical cartel thriller with some great performances and tense moments scattered throughout. Definitely one of the best directed film of the year, it’s beautifully shot and well constructed tension is great to watch if you like that sort of thing. There is very little wrong with it and a lot right.



3 – Birdman

This is a very individual and unique portrayal of an untold story that is acted superbly by all and is pretty compelling given its insular nature of the set up. Shot & scored in a way that is engaging, definitely worth seeing for the experience alone.



2 – Mad Max: Fury Road

This movie has one speed, which is GO. A breath of fresh air in a world of CGI heavy action films. The characters are enjoyable to watch and the action at times can only be seen to be believed. Even the shallow plot cannot take away from what is some of the best entertainment on film It’s not a traditional action film by any stretch but it works as a high octane Twisted Metal cluster-fuck of a movie.



1 – Whiplash 

This is a film about drumming that is also not a film about drumming. On the face of it simple but also emotionally tense Whiplash is effective in everything it tries to achieve and leaves the audience with a completely unique experience . Throwing up the question of “How far is going too far when it comes to nurturing talent?” we get an insight into a story well told with character who are interesting and committed. This is JK Simmons film, the guy gives new meaning to the term ‘tough love’ and that is in no way a disservice to Miles Teller who plays his role as prodigy/victim/student excellently.



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