10 of Films Best Drunk Scenes

All the best stories never start with… ” Me and the boys were sober this time…” do they? This is my tribute to some great drunken scenes in film.

Old School

Okay so we start of strong with… “We’re going streaking though the quad!” Enough said.

10 Things I Hate About You

That table dance, you all remember. Well, millions of teenage boys at the time certainly did.

Animal House

Only the most icon drinking scene of all time can claim to have given alcohol poisoning to a shit ton of people… and this one did.

Good Will Hunting

Strictly no one is hammered but for me this is one of the most satisfying put down scenes in film. Because you know, nobody likes a yuppie cunt.


Some people take ban news well, some bad, and then some will react… like this…

American Pie

All those with a thing for cougars please raise your hand…

Apocalypse Now

What makes this great is most method actors will get drunk, tape themselves, then replicate behaviour. Not Martin Sheen though. Oh no. Mr Sheen was genuinely smashed throughout the filming of this scene and that punching of the glass? That’s right, not scripted.


They’re not smashed but the alcohol is flowing and is one of the best scripted scenes in the entire film.

Star Wars: A New Hope

The only sci-fi submission but it doesn’t get more iconic than Obi-Wan taking no shit from a drunken local followed by the eternal question “Who shot first, Han or Greedo?” (Clearly it was Han)


I guess it’s only fitting to finish with the man that started this. Except this time trapped in his glass case of emotion.


One thought on “10 of Films Best Drunk Scenes

  1. All great. Another one that I’d add is Drunk Superman from Superman III. Terrible movie. But the scene where he’s at the bar with a 5:00 shadow, angry as hell, flicking peanuts into liquor bottles is just awesome.


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