Weekly Roundup – Film/TV/Traielrs


  • Somehow, somewhere, someone has let the Underworld franchise green-light a 5th film & as well as Kate Beckinsale (obviously) Merlin and iZombie actor Bradley James has been added to the cast. (Source)
  • UFC sweetheart Ronda Rousey is set to star as the lead in a remake of Roadhouse, taking the late great Patrick Swayze’s character as her own. (Source)
  • Bridget Jones 3 is happening, original director back, Hugh Grant out, Patrick Dempsey in. (Source)
  • Isla Fisher joins Tom Ford’s drama Nocturnal Animals which already has a cast of………………….wait for it………….. Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Micheal Shannon, Armie Hammer, Kim Basinger & Aaron Taylor Johnson. (Source)
  • Kevin Smith confirms Mallrats 2 (Mallbrats) will start filming in January, a stink palm awaits its release. (Source)
  • Tom Cruise & Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman are set to reunite (for a 3rd time) for sci-fi project Luna Park. (Source)


  • Netflix looks to have picked up Charlie Brooker’s dystopian show ‘Black Mirror’. (Source)
  • Flamboyant British favourite Richard E Grant has been confirmed that he will be in Game of Thrones Season 6, although in what role remains a mystery. (Source)
  • Dark graphic novel ‘Preacher’, about a conflicted preacher who merges with a creature with persuasive powers and is searching for god, is being brought to life by the hand of Seth Rogan. (Source)
  • Netflix turned down Top Gear as presenters were “not worth the money”. (Source)
  • Marvel’s Luke Cage adds the recognisable face of Frank Whaley to its ranks. (Source)
  • Director of 30 Days of Night and one of the men responsible for Hannibal’s dark edgy look, David Slade, is on as exec producer/director for the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. This my friend is great news. (Source)
  • Netflix’s follow up to Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, gets a release date for November 20th for its 13 episode run. (Source)


Supernatural Season 11 Trailer

Dean + Sam + Castiel = Can of whoop ass (eventually) to new season baddie (The Darkness).


Christmas horror about a child who turns his back on said holiday season when his dysfunctional family comes together and unleashes the wrath of the Krampus. The family must then band together to survive when traditional holiday icons take on a mosterous life of their own.

Cast includes; Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt from Parks & Rec), Toni Collette (The Way Way Back), David Koechner (Champ from Anchorman) & Emjay Anthony.

The Good Wife Season 6 Promo

The continuingly excellent Good Wife returns with a snippet of what’s to come. Peter for Vice President, Michael J Fox returns and a lot more Eli Gould (YES).


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