The Blade Trilogy – 5 of the Best and Worst Moments

With the news this week that Marvel sat down with Wesley Snipes regarding the future of Blade here are my 5 best and worst moments from everybody’s favourite day walker…


  1. Starting you off is THAT opening iconic club scene with New Order’s ‘Confusion Club Mix’ pumping away in the background. Looks sleek, great vibe and good action makes it one of the best introductions to a character there is.  


  2. Whistlers suicide. Surprising as the film did a good job of injecting just that little bit of vulnerability/emotion in here. Hard ass to the end Whistler would rather die than risk turning into the thing that killed his family. 
  3. Blade vs Deacon Frost. Now this is how you do a boss fight. Odds against our hero? Check. Great fight choreography? Check. Hero has to do/use something above and beyond to beat him? Check. This is also one ofmy favourite scenes as it ended up bringing us the line “Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill…” Amazing. 
  4. Blade vs Ninja Vampires. Blade 2 this time where blade has to team up with the vamps to take on some mutated monsters, but not before heading off against Danny John-Jules (The Cat!) and the Vampire king’s daughter. Fucking fantastic this sequence although there is some seriously suspect CGI part way through it doesn’t take away from the great set piece. 
  5. Blade vs Reinhardt. Wesley Snipes vs Ron Pearlman. Seeing the 2 alphas go at it just adds to what is another good installment in the franchise. These 2 characters have great chemistry and the constant verbal sparring and one up-manship throughout keep the comedy going through the darker gothic feel to Blade 2.                                                                                             6318_1  “Can you blush?”


  1. Blade’s erection. To give an insight into all of the things that went wrong with Blade Trinity we first look at this unnecessary scene. Blade’s being interrogated and is taunted by the pychologist (and bad guy) who accusing Blade of getting aroused by his thirst. Cue ridiculous shot of Snipes crotch when being rescued and after inhaling his serum to see his throbbing lob on.  
  2. Deacon Frost walks in the daylight protected by sun tan lotion. This just doesn’t make sense on so many levels I refuse  to get into it.  maxresdefault
  3. That UV bow thing from Blade 3. It looks like a bow.. which Jessica Biel already weilds, looks too big to be carried around, used maybe once in the film and meant to be half as hot as the sun would be a serious health and safety risk to all those around. Stupid gimmick.       rmDVq
  4. Dracula. Yes,Blade 3’s villain was the big bad and Dominic Purcell was as un-charismatic as he was pointless. Never came across as god like at all and was written to do and explain nothing at all really. Got his pecks out a lot. 9ee417e00a27bc2d645aa8178f0a8377
  5. Curtis Webb. Who is Curtis Webb I hear you ask? Remember in Blade 1 the orderly who was trying it on with his ex Karen at the start in the hospital? Yeah him. He gets captured and turned from this – Tim Guinee Blade – into this – blade_480x360     and kept in Deacon Frost’s basement for no particular reason except to throw Karen to him later to kill her. And EVEN then he does nothing, well, he falls over a bit while Karen slowly crawls slowly to safety. It’s just all pointless.

3 thoughts on “The Blade Trilogy – 5 of the Best and Worst Moments

  1. JJust stumbled on this, ha ha ha. Nice. I’ll have to watch Blade II to look for that serum erection though. Everything you wrote was on point. Now I know why that sun block scene of Frost has been bothering me all this years.

    “some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill” EPIC!


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