Guy Pearce Week

Every now and again I’m going to choose an actor, search through my collection and watch all those films in which he has starred. Call it a social experiment and a bit of fun if you will but I think it’d be interesting to take a look at a variety of performances of a specific actor.

First up we have the English born Australian most notably known in his early career for his role on Aussie soap Neighbours, not one for the academics he started to pursue acting/music in a big way until he was lauded for his role of a drag queen in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Random Trivia – Pearce turned down the lead role in Daredevil, the guy clearly knew something we didn’t, smart move.

The films I will be watching will be;

Count of Monte Cristo, Memento, Rules of Engagement, Ravenous, L.A Confidential, Prometheus, Lockout, Traitor, The Proposition.

Count of Monte Cristo

Film score – 84/100

I love this film, a great tale of vengeance from a rags to riches sailor wrongfully imprisoned during the Napoleonic War for treason. His best friend steals his wife, he stranded on island, falls in with thieves/pirates, there’s so much to like about this film. Hugely underrated, it balances all the characters stories well, looks good and is acted well.

Guy Pearce Score – A minus

I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of wealthy best friend who ultimately stitches his best friend up for treason. Fernand Mondago is cold, calculating, jealous and Pearce portrays this is a very convincing way. When shit hits the fan he is passive aggressive, when he wants something he is charming and conniving, Mondago is everything you want to hate in an antagonist and this is down to Pearce.


Film Score – 60/100

This was one of those unforgettable films with a good cast/production value but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Not a whole lot wrong with it but in the wake of Homeland/24 the films about terrorism do need an ‘x factor’ to set it apart from what we are used to.

Guy Pearce Score – C

Considering he was a billed name in this film he didn’t get many memorable scenes. It was mostly procedural stuff, again nothing wrong with his performance but nothing as memorable either. Anyone could have slotted into this role of just another uninteresting shell of a FBI agent.

L.A. Confidential

Film Score – 89/100

Fantastic Police procedural/Gangster film set in the 1950’s. An intricate story with some fresh faced talent of Crowe/Pearce/ even Spacey. Looks good and is compelling from start to finish. A must see for anyone who enjoys gangster films.

Guy Pearce Score – A

As nerdy looking Ed Exely Pearce plays him as sharp and smart as he does straight. Seeing him go though being despised by the department for ratting out a fellow officer to hero with the mantra ‘shotgun Ed’ is an interesting development to watch. Even more so when he stumbles upon a conspiracy within the department, Pearce balances out the other characters (savvy Spacey & neanderthalic Crowe) with his straight intelligent personality to give a performance worthy of praise.


Film Score – 60/100

This film is basically Escape from New York in space and proof that Guy Pearce can do the one liner action hero. While flawed it is oddly enjoyable. I’ll always give Luc Besson films a watch and this is one I would go back to as a guilty pleasure.

Guy Pearce Score – B

Without Pearce’s charisma this film would be destined for the shit heap pile. He carries it and carries it well, while I don’t think he’d do this role again it is proof that he has the versatility.

Rules of Engagement

Film Score – 70/100

A solid military courtroom/investigative drama on the topic of  the middle east. Sam L Jackson & Tommy Lee Jones do what they do best and there is definite chemistry that makes for enjoyable viewing. There’s nothing crazy original about this film, it ticks along nicely with some good flash backs and is interesting enough with the actors definitely adding to what could have been a straight to DVD film.

Guy Pearce Score – C

Pearce plays the opposing attorney and does an okay job. His Boston-ish accent holds up/stays consistent and is given enough to not just make him your typical heartless lawyer.


Film Score – 65/100

Yes it’s riddled with plot holes but it is original sci fi and it looks good. The prequel/sequel we all wanted but didn’t quite live up to our hopes. The premise was good enough (space exploration to a planet believed to be origin of mankind) but the execution was off and a lot of the time chemistry between characters was non existant.

Guy Pearce Score – D

Not really given enough screen time to have a real look at him Pearce plays the ancient looking Weyland who’s in charge of the whole operation. He does old decrepid intolerant old man as well as anyone could, but still, not enough to go on really.


Film Score – 95/100

Amazing film, original content, superbly constructed, great casting choice this film is a must see and Christopher Nolan directing at his very best.

Guy Pearce Score – A star

Perfect for the role of a man hell bent on revenge for the death of his wife while suffering from short term memory loss. Plays it in a completely believable way this is the film that has put Guy Pearce on the map.


Film Score – 71/100

It’s an American Civil War cannibalism story that took me by surprise. Takes a little while to get to the real story but once it’s in full flow and combined with the damp/cold atmosphere of the film, it had it’s hooks in me. Interesting & well acted characters that are mentally deteriorating combined with indie vapiric style horror make this something all together unique.

Guy Pearce Score – B

Convincing as disgraced coward turned prey, he again shows his lead man ability is not to be taken for granted.

The Proposition

Film Score – 76/100

It’s very rare to find a film that looks like it should be a 3 hour film that actually clocks in at over 100 minutes and credit to Nick Cave for penning this 1800’s outback western Sophie’s Choice style action film. A real authentic feel to this piece with some hard violence throughout.

Guy Pearce Score – B Plus

Playing more the stoic quieter one this time Pearce has the look of the outback outlaw down and carries himself in a captivating way give he is often silent.


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