Jurassic World – Movie Review – 66/100

The year of Hollywood making money off our nostalgia continues with Jurassic World where this time our favourite dino theme park is realising that dinosaurs are like.. soo… yesterday… and that to keep up with ever decreasing attention spans they will have to get creative. Genetically engineering dinosaurs to begin with clearly isn’t thinking outside the box enough… the scientists have spliced together a t-rex with a whole load of other animal DNA to make some thing bigger… nastier…  and cooler to rake in the dollar. What could go wrong?

I’ll go out there to say there is a lot of fun to be had with this movie. There’s a whole generation of people out there who just want to see velociraptors do cool shit. And to be fair they do and were entertaining. Some may gripe “how can the most dangerous pack hunters to roam this earth be controlled, it doesn’t make sense.” but I got over that very easily. Accept it and move on. It is a shame where, bar one character, the velociraptors have more character development than any humans. I’m not sure if due to the script it just came off as a secondary feature but really it’s something that should be ancillary to the plot.

Okay so the actors… Bryce Dallas Howard = good, and (as mentioned) the only one with development as rigid Head of Operations for the theme park whose nephews are coming to stay, she typically goes from money/success driven to caring aunt trying to save the young un’s. It worked and she was good in the role, even more impressive is that she ran, jumped, fell over the entire 2 hour movie in high heels. That’s some achievement, you go girl.

Chris Pratt was the velociraptor whisperer and had been working on controlling said hunters, he too was good. He has this magnetism and charisma that is hard to ignore. He’ll go onto bigger and better things. Most of the other characters were just ones that come and go except Vincent D’Onofrio who is this ridiculous almost cartoonish military guy who wants to weaponize… well… everything. He is a walking cliche and I just couldn’t get on board with him.

Action/CGI looked good. No complaints… almost. While entertaining there was no ‘kitchen scene’ from Jurassic Park 1, or ‘T-Rex pushing a truck off the edge of the cliff over our protagonists’ in The Lost World. For a film about dinosaurs a lot of it was quite forgettable and not that creative. Funnily enough a scene right at the start and end of the movie involving the our antagonist (the Indominous Rex) are good examples of how things were just a bit too … convenient. That’s not to say the Indominous Rex wasn’t any good. It was a big, fierce, cold blooded killing machine killing everything in it’s wake which is what we wanted to see.

As the movie wore on it became quite apparent to me that they thought of the set pieces they want and decided to try and work backwards to justify it happening which ultimately led to characters making decisions that no one in their right mind would make. I also wasn’t a fan of the kids in this movie, I get it’s deemed necessary to sell it as a family film but kids in general in movies like this just don’t work for me and are portrayed annoyingly.

The most interesting feature I found with Jurassic World was that it was being quite self aware with regards to it’s predecessors. There were lots of little nods and easter eggs to the first movie in particular as well as commenting on all the big companies in this world attaching their name to everything (a Pepsi-sauraus anyone??). And even at one point there’s some dialogue answering internet criticism about how dinosaurs were actually meant to look different according to paleontology. I don’t think it negatively impacts the film, it was just intriguing to see them put it in there to make the viewer aware.


Ultimately if this didn’t have the Jurassic Park franchise attached to it it would have passed most by as fun but average predictable monster movie. For the majority of the time I was genuinely entertained, HOWEVER I think there will be a lot of people who will get through this film on a heavy dose of nostalgia.



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