The Wedding Ringer – Review – 30/100

I’m going to have to seriously re-evaluate who I take advice from when it comes to seeing comedies. Seeing the trailer for the Wedding Ringer my initial thoughts were “My, hasn’t Kevin Hart got a lot of work this year” & “oh isn’t that nice that the fat Jewish guy from ‘21’ has got a leading role” (What? It had Kevin Spacey in it, okay?!), and not what a funny premise that someone who has no friends could buy a best man and groomsman to make his wedding seem less pathetic with shenanigans and hijinks along the way.

True to form this has every cliché’ you come to expect from a modern Hollywood comedy. Main character have a crisis of conscience over how he’s living his life… check. Guy who’s besotted with one he thinks he loves realises she might not be the one for him…. check. One dimensional female support doing nothing to give credence to how any self-respecting female would behave… check. Dick and/or fart jokes… check. This list goes on it really does.

The films not totally shit. There are a few moments of chuckling but it is devoid of belly laughs… and thus fails as a film. Don’t call yourself a comedy if you can’t make people laugh. It’s pretty simple really.

The support cast are spectacularly forgetful; it’s always a shame when you see someone like Lost’s Hurly can only manage a bit part which is inevitably cheapened by reference to the aforementioned show. The emotional payoffs suffer from have no substance as they are given such little screen time to set them up as director Jeremy Garelick seems to prefer trying to throw lots of mild amusement at the screen instead of developing anything of worth.

Highlights include a Hart/Gad montage of tuxedo clad synchronized dancing and Nana being accidentally set on fire at the dinner table… god that sentence really shouldn’t be used in conjunction with the word ‘highlights’, but there it is.

In the end this is a film in which you can’t believe any of the events would plausibly happen and that’s with suspending my disbelief. Kevin Hart does what Kevin Hart does best and the rest is filled with plot holes, poor writing and unimaginative set pieces.

There’s 100 minutes I’m definitely not getting back.






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