Trailer Drop – Fantastic 4/Child 44/It Follows

A lot has been already said of the new Fantastic 4 movie… cast of relative unknowns… the fact that the villain Dr Doom is a blogger… has made a lot of peoples minds up already without a trailer even being seen. Well, now we have seen the trailer, only a teaser mind but things do not look terrible. When people start to complain about superhero movies all being ‘the same’ it’s worth remembering that director Josh Trank has already directed a unique kids with super powers film in Chronicle in 2012 (definitely worth a watch) which is why the slightly darker tone of the trailer was no surprise to me. There’s no telling how the cast will do but I think Jamie Bell is good value and Miles Teller was great in Whiplash, so I’ll definitely give it a go. I know Kate Mara from House of Cards (which she did a good job of) and Michael B Jordan has been retained from Chronicle so I can’t infer anything yet, another trailer will help. But until then;

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer

Next up is is the Child 44.

I have an advantage in that I already know a bit about this from the book but from those who don’t know, the film basically follows disgraced State Security agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) as he investigates a series of gruesome child murders in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Personally I would have seen this film regardless of the cast based on the recommendations/the book, but for others there are a couple of signs this could turn out to be a cracker.

Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Vincent Cassel are in it. That is acting gold right here. There must be something a little bit special about the project to get those names involved. Hardy especially is about as versatile as an actor can get these days and is wanted for just about anything. For him to take the lead says a lot in my opinion. Another sign is that Ridley Scott is on as a producer so you know visually it is going to be interesting. I’m a big fan of his work and do think he’s a complete asset. Even though director Daniel Espinosa’s only recognizable film to date is Safe House (Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds), I actually thought the action was quite enjoyable and while that may have suffered for being a bit ‘basic’ for want of another word, with the source material here it shouldn’t be an issue.

I think this is definitely one to watch.

Child 44 Trailer

Lastly this week the trailer for “It Follows” came out. Not going to lie the first thing I thought when hearing the score for the trailer was that it reminded me of the film The Guest…. and then Maika Monroe turns up… also in The Guest… strange considering none of the film makers from The Guest are featured here, anyway I digress.

This teen horror where some young buck transfers some sort of hoodoo to Monroe through intercourse that follows her around is either going to turn out to be shit and bland, or innovative and creepy, it’s hard to say from the trailer. It looks like there could be some chills down the spine moments but if it is this same ‘I’m being followed’ theme for the whole film it’s definitely going to need to change things up to be any good. Only time will tell.

It Follows Trailer


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