Trailer Drop – Avengers : Age of Ultron #2

Thank god for this trailer after the underwhelming experience that was the Ant Man one. Check it out below;

Avengers : Age of Ultron Trailer #2 

So what do we know that we didn’t in the first one?

Very little really. Only that;

  • James Spader’s Ultron voice is still pretty creepy.
  • That Ultron is pretty much tearing the Avengers new assholes one by one.
  • They stuck that little moment between Hulk & Black Widow again and it’ll be interesting if they decide to develop a romance between them of if it’s just a throw away plot technique.
  • Still wondering who Andy Serkis’ character will be but we get a glimpse of him looking all menacing and devious.
  • More Hulk vs Hulk Buster Iron Man Suit action, will they decimate wherever they are like Superman did Metropolis, who knows?
  • There is a mystery woman right at the end. It doesn’t look like Scarlet Witch & some are pointing to either something to do with Black Panther or Vision, in all honesty I have no idea. Be interesting to find out though.



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