Trailer Watch – Chappy & Run All Night

Watch the Chappie trailer here.

Watch the Run All Night trailer here.

Of the 2 Chappie is a definite to look out for. Brought to you by Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) there are a few things that can be guaranteed;

  1. Really good action sequences,
  2. Something will be mechanized and it will blow shit up,
  3. Outrageous South African accents, &,
  4. Sharlto Copley will be in it.

From the trailer we are ticking the boxes and the theme of AI is strong this year with Ex Machina coming out soon too. This looks fun, interesting, the effects look good and you can tell when a director is worth seeing by the names attached to the film (Hugh Jackman, Sigoruney Weaver, Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley).

Release Date; UK & US – March 6th 2015

The Run All Night trailer has all the potential that maybe Taken 3 should have been. Neeson playing a badass father again doing whatever necessary to keep his family safe. Ed Harris is the villain (we assume) this time wanting revenge for Neeson killing his son to protect his own. I think what makes this seem more appealing is that Neeson isn’t pretending he’s a good caring father, he just looks like a guy who will do what it takes and it doesn’t appear to try to be anything it’s not, which is why we all loved Taken 1 & not its successors. Maybe, just maybe it won’t be shit.

Release Date; UK – May 1st 2015  US – April 17th 2015


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