Taken 3 – Review – 35/100

I’m going to try and keep this short as it’s almost not worth the brain power… this franchise needs to die.

Neeson’s back, but instead of his daughter being taken from him, his ex-wife is taken from him… permanently, he’s been set up for it & is on the run from the police and there are also another load of eastern Europeans trying to kill him while he finds out the truth… because that’s the honourable American thing to do. Instead of perhaps take the easier way presented just over an hour in where he could have been exonerated AND got police help. No matter.

Neeson does looks ‘too old for this shit’ there are a few foot chases in this movie where he looks like he going at a quick saunter compared to the young fit policemen sprinting after him. I even think Neeson is tired of these films, he’s never been the deepest actor but I just wasn’t convinced that he even supposedly ‘loved’ his ex-wife from his acting after he finds her dead body or sees her in the morgue (these are not spoilers by the way). He just mutters something in his gruff tone and moves on. In fact most of the characters are pretty terrible in this film bar Forest Whitaker (which is not a sentence I find myself saying often), the inspector who keeps nearly catching him & can’t stop playing mono cats cradle with an elastic band. This is to no consequence of the overall film though.

Oliver Megaton (who directed worse Taken 2) known only to me for Transporter 3, that riveting thrill ride, did nothing but provide average action sequences with ridiculous cutting to go along with this predictable story line. Seriously, it’s like he set himself a target to get 6 camera shots every 2 seconds of choppy action. This is because 1) the action is boring & 2) Neeson is visibly past it, but you can’t hide from me or any other film goer for that matter. The geriatric friendly fighting choreography was also dull and didn’t really look like he should be able to take these guys down anymore. And the penultimate battle, holy shit, it was like fighting a boss on a mega drive game, a Russian in his tighty whiteys standing in the same crabbed position just blowing the shit out of everything until Neeson finds a way to take him down, comical isn’t even the word.


I heard someone mention it reminded them of a shit version of the Fugitive… that is spot on. In fact, just go watch The Fugitive instead (great film). This is a franchise dying a slow death with uninteresting characters that bring nothing new and action that just isn’t that good. Please for the love of god, see something else.




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